Eco toys made from cork

Qurkies | Eco toy blocks made of cork

Toy bricks made of cork… that is Qurkies. Fully natural and sustainable. Qurkies are firm but yet soft. They don’t hurt your feet and they make no noise. Qurkies are compatible with original Duplo® and can be personalised. That’s why Qurkies are the perfect eco friendly gift.


Sustainably harvested cork


Warm touch and feel


Peace and quite vibe


Fits on original Duplo

Qurkies | Our products

Qurkies products are standard packed in plastis free packaging. Our standard sets are only available through our retail partners. Looking for something special, like bulk or personalised blocks. Send us an email and we will make it work for you.

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Qurkies Sets

Qurkies fit on the original Duplo® and create new play possibilities. Build a catamaran in bath and use your imagination. Available in sets of 14 or 42 blocks.

Wedgies Sets

Build a high tower quickly. But be careful! The sloping side on the block makes it difficult to find the right balance. Available in set of 18 block with a cotton mesh net.

Personalised blocks

Make our blocks even more special. Print a name or company logo for a personalised touch.

Bulk blocks

Are you looking for a large volume of blocks without standard packaging, then our bulk option will fit.

About us

Qurkies are made of a waste stream from the cork bottle stoppers industry. So yes, Qurkies are made of cork. Cork is a super susainable material. It is a real CO2 sponge and it’s very easy to recycle.

“Product design is about concessions, we need to stop making every time concessions on our environment. Ecologic sense is not only expressed in the Qurkies blocks, but also in our packaging. We minimize material and avoid plastic.“

About cork

Qurkies are made of a beautiful natural product; the cork bark. Cork is actually just tree bark, but very special. A mature cork tree grows about two Qurkies per day.

The cork bark is stipped off the tree like a jacket, which grows back due to a unique process. The tree is not cut down! A cork tree can be harvested for the first time at the age of 25. After that only once in every 9 years.

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