• 14 Qurkies Blocks
    14 Qurkies Blocks

    Qurkies are compatible with the original Duplo® and unlocks new playing levels. Build a catamaran in the bath!

    € 23,95
  • 14 Qurkies Blocks with Name
    14 Qurkies Blocks with Name

    Personalise Qurkies with a name printed on it. An ideal maternity gift! The Qurkies will become a challenging puzzle.

    € 23,95
  • 42 Qurkies Blocks
    42 Qurkies Blocks

    Cork is an amazing CO2 sponge. It leaves no production waste and is fully recyclable.

    € 52,95
  • with storage net

    84 Qurkies Blocks
    84 Qurkies Blocks

    Ever stepped on a plastic block? That %&# hurts! Qurkies are safe and soft.

    € 89,95
  • 7 Qurkies Blocks Puzzle
    7 Qurkies Blocks Puzzle

    Mr Qurkie will introduce Qurkies to you in our smallest package with a playful puzzle.

    € 12,95
  • with storage net

    18 Wedgies Blocks
    18 Wedgies Blocks

    Wedgies build tall towers, but be careful! The angled side needs the right balance.

    € 52,95
  • Qurkies Keychain
    Qurkies Keychain

    Never lose your keys again with this fine keychain. Even on the water, cork is your best friend because it floats immensely.

    € 6,95
  • Promo projects
    Promo projects

    ​Qurkies are the perfect promo article for sustainable companies or special projects. Contact us for details.

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Qurkies | Eco toy blocks made of cork

Toy bricks made of cork... that is Qurkies. Fully natural and sustainable. Qurkies are firm but yet soft. They don't hurt your feet and they make no noise. Qurkies are compatible with original Duplo® and can be personalised. That's why Qurkies are the perfect eco friendly gift.



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